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Hi Risa. Thank you for coming to speak to our group. Sorry it was such a small group. I think the weather was responsible for so many women staying home. Your presentation about post traumatic stress syndrome was both interesting and informative. I did not know it could take so long for PTSD to appear in an individual. Thanks again for your presentation. Anne    February 2, 2011  Rochester, NY

“Risa Ruse, has been a colleague for more than two years, and I admire the fact that she has survived the complexities of PTSD, aside from tyring to bring her family back into her life. She has exemplified the strength in Humanity, and navigated the maze of the business world on the Internet through trial and error which could not have bveen accomplished without believing that she could help those with PTSD. She has more than earned my respect, but she has become a close friend by sharing our lives together.” September 29, 2010
Albert Duran, President, Heart Flames
worked directly with Risa at DBA, Thoughts by Risa 

The benefit that I received from the workshops was the discussions that we had regarding Risa’s poetry. It opened my eyes about a lot of things from PTSD, Religion, and life itself. I absolutely felt we have connected/and accepting of my Higher Power that I choose to call God. Another benefit is the direction that I had received from Risa’s workshop that affects other areas of my life.
I would refer Risa in a second. Risa has a lot more to offer other than just the group setting. I had the opportunity to talk to Risa via phone a couple of times. Risa is as and continues to be very supportive in the recovery process of PTSD. One of her best assets in my opinion is her ability to listen.
Relapse is/was not ever a thought during my work with Risa. Experience overall was very positive and uplifting to use. It gave me a positive outlook to the future. 

From: Michael of Recovery Houses of Rochester March 28, 2012

Risa's Radio Interview: copy & paste to your browser to hear it.  Thanks, enjoy!
Risa has performed both Reiki and Qigong healing energy several times to myself and my family.  Our illnesses ranged from recovering from Cancer and feeling "energized" again along with my son's knee that required emergency care to "pop back into place" and be completely healed progressively from that day to being back to normal and ready to work in a week.  
My husband's back went out and he later had shoulder pain that Risa was able to completely get rid of by using Qigong Universal energy.
My daughter was able to end a long dysfunctional relationship within a week's time of having a Qigong session with Risa.
 Whenever we have a family member, including my second son whose depression seemed to disappear into "smoke" and got a job within a week Risa comes to our home with an open, loving heart to heal.  We are all very grateful for this "gift" from God that Risa shares with us.
Victoria C. and family November-December 2013 Rochester, NY

I had been bleeding internally and was going to need an operation to stop the bleeding when Risa offered to do Reiki on me.  Right afterwards the bleeding stopped and I was feeling great!  She was even able to relieve a cold and stress on different occasions using Qigong Universal healing methods that always left me feeling refreshed and as if I had just woken up from a good night's rest.  A few months later Risa was able to get rid of 3 women ghosts that had been appearing in the night and waking my small children and I leaving us very deprived of sleep and energy.  She attributes this ability to clear negativity to using her Higher Power (Jesus is who she calls upon.)  August 2013 Virginia P., Rochester, NY