What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?)

PTSD is when a person has either experienced a traumatic event or witnessed one with serious harm, frightening circumstances that may or many not include death with threat to self or others had occurred. The victim's response is one of extreme FEAR, and sense of not being able to control the situation. Anger and confused issues are more common in children who have been traumatized. 

Repetitive negative images invade the thoughts and perceptions that include night terror dreams. For some hallucinations, illusions, and flashbacks from the event make the person to act out as if the traumatic event were still happening.

​How does poetry help relieve PTSD symptoms?

The thing about experiencing past trauma, (PTSD) is that it is an equal opportunity Mental Health Disorder. It can take over victims of domestic violence, war Veterans, and even children of all races and cultures. My own anthology I put in rhyme that comes from connecting with the Divine that has healed me and can most certainly heal the special groups I have mentioned. Since we all share the same enemy of FEAR I thought we could also share the same WEAPON to defeat it through inspired rhyme to connect to the Source of all joy and hope for living in the present and leaving the past behind us.
What is Qigong and Reiki energy?

What is Qigong Energy?  

Qigong is Spiritual energy or message/signal healing that helps to balance energy to remove blockages. These blockages lead to disease and pain. The healer teaches the person being healed to be part of the healing process. He/she shows them how to keep their channels open and stay healed! (Go to my About Page to read more....)

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